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We pride ourselves on being ethical, conscientious owners, breeders & slaves to these devine creatures.

Our beautiful, bright eyed, pure bred Blue, Seal, Red/Cream & Lynx Point Ragdoll feline family are all cared for holistically & produce

healthy, stunning, playful, intelligent, loving, confident kittens that are well socialised with all aspects of a busy household.

All are raised in our loving home with lots of stimuli & cuddles, see our Previous Kittens Gallery & Available Kittens Gallery pages.

Come & read why folk are so satisfied & supportive of the dedication & commitment we invest in this fabulous breed & why they're delighted they chose a Devon Ragdoll kitten on our Testimonials page.


Our kits are handled by all age groups so are super sociable. They even enjoy playing with/annoying our 2 dogs & can often be found straddling a sleeping dogs head in an attempt to look like a wig, or using them as springboards, then moments later flopped out on the floor on their backs. Ragdolls are far more confident yet laid back than most other breeds, so cope well with the usual household noises, to the point of nonchalance, eg "don't look at us, it's your mess you peasant ............ but I still love you!"

That's why they make excellent house cats.

Our blue eyed beauties are gorgeous regal rascals that delight in being entertaining & adoring.

Advice on maintaining optimum health & information about the Ragdoll Cat breed can be found on our Care & Health page.

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Find out if a Ragdoll is for you! read our 'Frequently Asked Questions' page.

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Updates & pics from ourselves & previous customers, which are enjoyed all over the world.


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When I grow up, I plan to keep,

Seven Ragdolls, and let them sleep,

on any bedspread that they wish,

And feed them people’s tuna fish.

Watch them preen their softest fur,

And chirrup a 'thank you' whilst they purr.


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Southwest England


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